21 Lobsterstreet

An energetic bunch of experts, on the job wherever people and organisations are in need for creativity, innovation and change. Working on the edge of intellect and intuition, we take on serious challenges and answer with results.

So we are experienced professionals, once co-founders of new shoes today, our dear colleague-brand, now launching 21 Lobsterstreet.

Although experts with individual offerings, one of the reasons we stick together is the offering of great new programs on management development, creative empowerment and more. Therefore we match to the max and reach for the top.

Where the rubber hits the road, stands for the moment of impact. The moment of truth.

For some examples of what we do, check our client engagement page.

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21 Lobsterstreet provides services for:
Innovation Consulting – Creating Innovative Cultures – Event Design & Meeting Facilitation – Personal Development – Making Ideas Happen – Time Management 2.1

On these domains we offer: consulting, coaching, facilitation, workshops & training, speakers, organisational programs and more. We try to keep up with the needs of our clients, challenge us if you cannot find a right offering.

‘Where the rubber hits the road’. If you want to make a difference you better understand what the essence is of the business, the question, the problem or the challenge you are facing.  As experts we focus and act on this particular moment. That’s where we hit the road for you.

21 Lobsterstreet experts;

Marc Heleven, Johan D’Haeseleer, Martine Vanremoortele, Cyriel Kortleven, Joost Kadijk, Willem Stortelder, Karen Van Heuckelom, Ramon Vullings