Selection of our client engagements

This is a short selection of some of our client engagements
(Which are not under a non-disclosure agreement -NDA).

You can see what several clients say about us on our recommendations page.

High Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)
Bonn (Germany) – Two day investors & start-ups event, 750 people in head office Deutsche Telekom
Ramon Vullings as Master of Interaction moderated the two days
Visual support by the ideaDJ Marc Heleven: images, movies and twitter walls
Impact: Open atmosphere, engaged audience, networking exercises, humor and wrap-ups with audience interaction
Press release & Key note slides
Recommended by Dr. Simon Schneider, Investment Director – High-Tech Gründerfonds

Antwerp (Belgium) – 10 people from the European Business Intelligence Team
Cyriel Kortleven and Ramon Vullings facilitated a multi day session to develop a new strategy and milestones for the near future
Several workshops on creative skill development, selling ideas and innovative web search
Impact: a clear vision for the next years, a lot of inspiration and ideas to realize the Nike BI strategy, a stronger team
Recommended by Peter Lathouwers, Team Leader European Business Intelligence – Nike

Siemens Financial Services (SFS)
Bavaria (Germany) – Major sales meeting, 100 attendees
Ramon Vullings as Master of Interaction moderated the two days
Networking exercises, keynote on ‘The History of Future’ and 6 thinking hats conversation techniques
Impact: Open atmosphere, engaged participants
Recommended by Horst Dernai, Senior Director Marketing – SFS

Nationale Nederlanden Zakelijk Pensioen (NN)
Breda (The Netherlands) – Business Development Day with the whole team, 100 people in a small theater
Ramon Vullings and Karen van Heuckelom moderated the event to build a ‘Rube Goldberg Machine’ flow
Teambuilding, reflection, powerful questions, role assessment, energy and fun
Impact: Trusting atmosphere, engaged team members, better understanding
Example: Rube Goldberg Machine impression
Recommended by Yoram Schwartz, Director Business Development – NN ZP

Rabobank Nederland (Rabobank)
Best (The Netherlands) Reducing risk aversion program at the corporate ICT department.
The ICT department of Rabobank Nederland had to become more flexible due to strategic changes set out by the Board.
Program and meeting design by Willem Stortelder en Godelieve Spaas. Facilitation by 10 colleagues.
Impact: We took over 1200 employes through a highly interactive program on reducing risk aversion.
In parallel we prepared their 30 managers to deal with ‘letting go / trust’.
Recommended by Marjo Smulders, Head of CIO office/ EVP ICT – Rabobank

Egyptian Marketing Summit (Nexus)
Cairo (Egypt) – Two day major event on Marketing & Business Model Innovation, 650 people
Ramon Vullings delivered a key note on Business Model Innovation (other key notes by Philip Kotler and Peter Fisk)
Large scale networking, Business Model Development, energizing and fun (all with simultaneous translation in Arabic)
Impact: Open atmosphere, engaged audience, humor and wrap-ups with audience interaction
The session got rated as best conference key note, also due to high level of interaction with the audience
Key note slides ‘Business Model Innovation’
Recommended by Akram Saad, Founding Partner & Business Development Manager – Nexus

Confindustria Veneto SIAV
Italy, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland
Leonardo Next was a multi-national effort to bring the power of creativity and innovation to organisations and individuals.
Impact: 30 experts certified, 300 participants in workshops, 3000 people connected.
Program design, content and implementation by Willem Stortelder, Anne Heleen Bijl and Mike van de Vijver.
Project website:
Recommended by Gabriella Bettiol, Head of Knowledge & Innovation Unit – Confindustria Veneto SIAV


Future Center Het Buitenhuis
Den Haag (The Netherlands) – The creativity tools & technique mosaic.
Marc Heleven has built a digital repository which supports creative thinking and innovative processes for The Country House (Het Buitenhuis), a facility ‘for creative and innovative work in national government’ a joint venture of four ministries: Economic Affairs, The Interior, Finance, and Housing, Spatial Planning & the Environment.
Impact: the mosaic is a standard tool in the daily Group Decision Room Sessions.
Recommended by Herman Meines, facilitator – Het Buitenhuis

National Architects Congres (NAV)
Ghent (Belgium) – Major event for all Belgian architects, 450 people in the beautiful classic building of the trade fair.
Ramon Vullings delivered an energizing key note on opportunity scouting.
Impact: Energizing the audience, linking content & flow, reflect on what architects can do to be creative, getting into an innovative mindset
Key note slides ‘Opportunity Scouting for Architects’
Inspiring movies used during presentation
Recommended by Bart Verstraete, Director – NAV

Leuven,Ghent, Antwerp, Hasselt (Belgium) – Multiple days workshop Extra Time, 115 people and counting.
Johan D’haeseleer as trainer ExtraTime
Impact: Time for important stuff, less hassle, reliability, insight and awareness, focus on great work
Recommended by Peter Jonkers, HR business partner – Cegeka

Hager Group (Hager)
Strasbourg (France) – Innovation Day during the Hager Innovation Week, 300 people
Ramon Vullings delivered a workshop on ‘7 innovation trends and their social impact’
Trend inspiration material for analyzing & finding possible opportunities for innovation
Impact: Combining the input with an interactive engaging way of discussion allowing for new connections, new ideas and new concepts.
Key note slides & movies ‘7 innovation trends’
Recommended by Jean-Marie Rioatti, Director Corporate Innovation Services – Hager Group

Click Asia Summit
Mumbai (India) – 400 social media experts
Cyriel Kortleven engaged the audience with a keynote session ‘Break, burn or ban the social media box’
Ramon Vullings inspired the audience as ideaDJ
Cyriel and Ramon facilitated a Masterclass ‘creative skills for social media experts’
Impact: a creative atmosphere, tweetstorm, 400 participants shouting ‘Yes, and…’, lots of inspiration and ideas
See Cyriel in action @ Click Asia Summit impression movie
Recommended by Kavita Jhunjhunwala, Organizer – Click Asia Summit

Sociale Trefdag
Ghent (Belgium) 250 people – Key note on ‘Boundaries’
Johan D’haeseleer delivered a keynote ‘TED –style’ on how boundaries help you to get extra time
Impact: awareness, laughing, and extra takeaways
Video impression
Recommeded by Kris De Vos, Beleidsmedewerker – CAW Oost-Vlaanderen

VVSG – The Flemish Association of Local Government
Ghent (Belgium) –  two-yearly event with 3300 participants from local governments
Operation Future storm woke up the audience
ideaDJ (Ramon Vullings and Marc Heleven) in big auditorium to support keynotes
Cyriel Kortleven delivered a keynote on ‘the future of cities’, with content support by Marc Heleven
Impact: an open atmosphere, lots of inspiration, engaged audience
Key note slides ‘The future of cities’
Recommended by Adina Balog and Mattie Jacobs, Organizers Conference – VVSG

City of Antwerp
Antwerp (Belgium) – 11 Department Heads of Marketing and Communication of the City of Antwerp
Cyriel Kortleven facilitated a two day brainstorm session
Marc Heleven searched for tailor-made inspiration and an overview of the newest examples of city marketing
Impact: hundreds of ideas for 3 concrete challenges, high energy and concrete tools and tips
Recommended by Ils Neuts – Marketing and Communication Director – City of Antwerp

International Project Management Association
Bussum (Netherlands) – 300 Project Managers
Cyriel Kortleven opened the conference with a keynote presentation
Impact: open and energetic start of the day
Recommended by John Verstrepen and Peter Coesmans, Organizers Conference – IPMA