Event Design & Meeting Facilitation

As experts we design your events and meetings, adding energy, fun and impact. We make them brand new to benefit your objectives.

(Please select a service area below)
  • Meeting & Process Design
    Meeting & Process Design: real-life-meetings to connect people, increase energy & empower creativity.
  • ideaDJ
    ideaDJ: real-time visual support for events. ideaDJ supports event organisers to deliver a ‘WOW’ effect to congresses, meetings & events.
  • Brainstorm Facilitation
    A brainstorm session can be a catalyst for new ideas & inspiration and for team commitment.
  • The Knights of NOW
    The Knights of NOW are a gathering of noble characteristics who want to make the world more conscious of time.
  • Visual Harvesting
    Visual Harvesting, the ideal way to capture content!
  • Masters of Interaction
    The Masters of Interaction help event organisers who aim to generate more impact with their events.
  • Speaker: Ramon Vullings
    Ramon Vullings is a professional & energetic public speaker on innovation & leadership.
  • Operation Brainstorm
    Operation Brainstorm uses and increases the creative power of large groups.
  • Speaker: Cyriel Kortleven
    Cyriel Kortleven is international public speaker on the subjects creativity and time.
  • Speaker: Joost Kadijk
    Joost is a professional speaker and has extensive experience on different international stages.
  • Speaker: Willem Stortelder
    Willem Stortelder speaks about creativity, diversity and reducing risk aversion.
  • Enterprising Space
    Enterprising Space: make room for an innovative culture