Personal Development

In the end people follow their dreams, it’s like their personal gravitation. How to explore your talents and fit them into society, that’s the question.

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  • Team Exploration
    A Team Exploration dives into the team dynamics and interactions of your team.
  • ExtraTime (ExtraTijd)
    ExtraTime helps you win from your ToDo’s!
  • One Life Two Realities
    One Life Two Realities is an intensive seminar to discover what’s blocking you from realizing important goals in life.
  • 45+ perspective
    45+ perpective offers people over 45 and their managers several ways to tackle the challenges they encounter when confronted with the particularities of this phase in life.
  • Timespiration workshop
    Get out of the clock-time and get into experience-time.
  • Speaker: Willem Stortelder
    Willem Stortelder speaks about creativity, diversity and reducing risk aversion.
  • Enterprising Space
    Enterprising Space: make room for an innovative culture
  • The Inner Child
    The ultimate source for creativity is not a book or training, it is your inner child.