This is a selection of what clients say about us,
feel free to also discover some examples of our  client engagements.

‘The ideaDJs Ramon & Marc from 21 Lobsterstreet were an excellent choice for our Portfolio Day (we call it Family Day). They guided us excellent through this 2-Day-Event with more than 750 guests and created an exceptionally atmosphere with their work.’
Simon Schneider, Investment Director – HTGF


‘Karen helped me to gain insight into the real cause, where her predecessors didn’t really get passed the symptoms. She does this in a very agreeable manner, one that fits me and leads to results: I am in charge of the direction we take during the process, and Karen guides me in a very personal and vigorous way. Despite of the fact that every session is intensive and therefore tiring, it gives me energy and afterwards I always feel satisfied. Because of these sessions I find more satisfaction, rest and happiness in my work.’
Information manager – Rabobank Nederland


‘Worked with Cyriel & Ramon on multiple challenges and they always seem to be able to apply enormous amounts of creativity to their workshops/sessions. Whether it’s about behaviour, strategy, team-spirit or out-of-the-box-thinking, it’s always worthwile exchanging thoughts with Cyriel & Ramon! Value for money is very important, especially with the current economic conditions and I’ve never been disappointed in this strong partnership so far.’
Peter Lathouwers, Team Leader Business Intelligence – Nike


‘Joost is the (rare) kind of person that never seizes to challenge his surroundings and those who live in it. He is very creative, supporting, honest and straight forward, a strong communicator, a learner, curious by nature and very skilled when it comes down to maintaining relationships.’
Chris Visser MQM, Product Quality Engineer Surgery – Philips Healthcare


‘The event for our team by Willem Stortelder was very exciting and refreshing. Willem creates a pleasant atmosphere where people easily take challenges. Often learnings and insights are forgotten the day after, but not in this case! Ideas we had and plans we made were fulfilled. And even now, a year since, we still benefit when facing new projects.’
Alie Horden, Hoofd  Personeel, Organisatie & Arbeidsvoorwaarden Netherlands – NPO


‘Our client event was – thanks to the Masters of Interaction and the IdeaDJ – a very successful event. The reactions were almost unanimously positive and what struck me was that some participants wanted to use some of the exercises during their own meeting or with colleagues. And looking forward to collaborate again in the future.’
Peter Appeljan, Director Woningbeleggingen – Syntrus Achmea Vastgoed


Johan spoke for a second time on our Social Day at Gent. First time he delivered a Spoonfull of sparkles workshop. The audience was wowed! That we asked (as an exception) for a second time.

During his last keynote (Ted-style) have gave the audience numerous ideas. Nobody will forget his stories about the change of the caddies at Colruyt or his trip to Djerba and the special guide. As an eventorganizer I like to work with Johan. His is always on time, adjusts his keynotes to the central theme of the event.  

Johan is a one of a kind speaker:  content wise very strong, visually supported by great images, clear, concise, to the point, on time with his preparations and tongue in check funny. And Johan has a great taste in music…
Kris De Vos, Beleidsmedewerker – CAW Oost-Vlaanderen


‘Karen is a coach who expands the idea ‘career’ into something much bigger, namely your ‘road in life’. In order for you to achieve things that you’ve never dared to dream of, and to feel and taste what really touches you, always with both feet planted firmly on the ground.’
Independent Professional – Marketing & Advertising 


‘Cyriel, you were a breath of fresh air! I really admired your willingness to take risks and experiment and the creative space of non-judgment you created in presenting to our National Speakers’ Association of New Zealand. You demonstrated thoroughly how adding interaction to our presentations could enliven any conference or meeting – Looking forward to hearing more from you! Thanks again for the inspiration!’
Sally Mabelle, President – National Speakers’ Association of New Zealand